Doing It Right, Right from the Start.

Land development is a key driver for the growth of business, government, the economy and our communities. As land surveyors and engineers, we take pride in the foundational role SDMM plays in that growth, providing expertise on innovative, sustainable design solutions and construction services throughout Halifax Regional Municipality and across the Maritimes since 1958. We're here to help make things happen.

We know time is money. Our expertise helps you save both.

With a collective history of more than 100 years as a professional surveying and engineering firm, we have an in-depth understanding of the regulatory process as well as excellent working relationships with the people and departments responsible for those processes. That means we're able provide smooth guidance and the right answers quickly and thoroughly so you can move into the next phase of your development with confidence and without delays.

Making Point Clouds Accessible

Suddenly points clouds aren't so scary!

We can provide you 3d navigation, scan point of view, fly-through, and basic measuring without stressing your team or your hardware.

Ask about our JetStream Viewer

Powered by Matterport

Give us a call (Chris Foran, 902-293-5270) to learn how we can easily bring your properties to life with immersive 3D showcases.

CLICK HERE for a sample space.

Watch this short VIDEO (2:21) for a high-level overview of what Matterport can do for leads across all industries.


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